More photos of
Vladimir Yarish's big basket
and it's reconstruction.

For the story that goes with these pictures,
see the February issue of the Reeder's Report,
the Newsletter for the North Carolina Basketmakers Association.

It was first shown in the Annual Folklore Festival in Velikiy Novgorod in 1991.

It became a big toy for my son and the children of my friends.

One day my students brought four long wooden boards and decided to put them inside to make the walls of the basket even.

Inside the basket with the boards inside.

Finally, I asked about 10 of my most experienced students to help me to start the job.

We would stitch the twigs to the wall of the basket with additional birch bark strips.

The whole job took four months, two evenings a week

I asked my students to bring rough bark that they didn't like very much to add to the bark that we wove back in from the cut part of the basket.

We created the lid for it as well.

Finally the giant basket was finished

We took it to The Museum to participate in The City Annual Folklore and Traditional Craft Festival.

The basket would be a Symbol of our Studio

We put it on the grass, took our places around it, and begun to weave our articles to show people our skill.

We sold our articles as every time before, and were very successful that day; because the Symbol attracted a lot of people to the place where we stood

Many people asked me for special permission to take a picture near the basket in the Museum during the Festival. Now it is really a symbol of my Studio