2011 Convention Photos

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Photos by Chris Bragman, Brenda Brasure, and Char Ciammaichella.

Flo Hoppe adds spokes to her Tivoli basket. Fellow round reed teacher Patti English has a front row seat, making sure not to miss anything!

Flo Hoppe's class busy weaving on their Tivoli baskets. This looks like AFTER the "chocolate break," courtesy of Mr. Flo!

When comparing baskets with Flo Hoppe, Brenda Brasure says "mine doesn't look like hers!" Yours is still beautiful, Brenda!

Vicky Harris is making great progress with Char Ciammaichella's Autumn Bowl.

Kathleen Kennedy has had a great time in Char Ciammaichella's Autumn Bowl class, and it shows!

Leslie Fortune shows off her Autumn Bowl, too!

Judy Wotring is very happy with her Berry Flower Basket!

Char Ciammaichella's Berry Flower basket class was filled with successful finishes, like this one, by Mamye Enlow.

Hands weaving Joni Dee Ross' Elegance.

Fabulous Raffle Items! Thanks to all who donated!


Leo Roberson and Richard Smith man the information/registration desk. Thanks, guys!

Teacher Registration staffed by Pamela Miller

Christina Bragman and Amy Britt take in basketmaker's best work for the Exhibit Room

The NCBA Store is manned by volunteers - today by E.J. Highsmith and Bud Johnson

Great new items in the store!

Items with the NCBA logo sell well in the store
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