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2008 Guild Weave Photos

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Billy Owens, from Branson, Missouri traveled to Sarahís Basket Shop at Rocky Point, North Carolina to teach white oak baskets to members from Goldweavers and Port City guilds on November 14th & 15th. Billy is a third generation white oak basketmaker. He carefully choses the white oak trees, grown in the beautiful Ozarks. The trees are cut and then run through his very own saw mill. Each and every piece of oak is then skillfully cut with a hand knife. The finished product is a unique and sturdy white oak basket with itís very own character.

Goldweavers made "Bushel Full of Stars," under the instruction of Susanna Miller at their quarterly meeting.

Janet Daugherty of Goldweavers works on her "Bushel of Stars"

Zoe Ann Crane and Patti McCarthy

Yoshiko Gore
As reported by Helen Aitken
The Coastal Weavers Basketmakers Guild hosted their 4th annual weave-in on Saturday, April 19th, 2008.† Thirty-five weavers participated in nine classes taught.† Weavers and teachers were invited from all over the state to take part in up to 2- 4 hour classes or 1 all-day class.†

Amanda Griffith (L), and Amber Montanye (she is the youngest weaver at any basket class, and is FAST and meticulous...)
Participants chose from many kinds of market baskets, totes, a chip and dip tray, a purse or learned to make oragami fish for embellishments.† Over 48 raffle items were given away, a box lunch was available, and members†provided enough breakfast/snack items and drinks to feed the group.†

†† CWBG holds regular meetings on the first Wednesday night of each month from August-May in Cape Carteret.† There is a short business meeting, light dinner served and a special project or teacher to conduct a class at each meeting.† Visitors are always welcome, and CWBG is open for new members.†

. Teresa Synder (L), Christye Montanye (C) and Julie Aycock†(Christye is Amber's mother and Teresa is Christye's mother- 3 generations of weavers!!!)

Pat Wilkins, Chris Bragman, and Adele Duest

White Oak basketmaker Billy Owens instructs Goldweavers, this Apple Basket was taught in February 2008. Marie Kube works on her Apple Basket.

Billy Owens tells Lynn Hoyt about the rim on her Market Basket, taught to the Natural Fibers Group in February 2008.

Finished Class baskets, L-R, back: Sam Taylor, Gloria Jones, Cassandra Jones, Ed Bloxom. L-R, front: Billy Owens, Lynn Hoyt, Pamela Zimmerman

The Natural Fibers Group Hibiscus Bark Gather and Dying, at Lynn Hoyt's studio. Cassandra Jones, Paula Ruth Tisdale, Jan Dunn and Dean Lee

Susanna Miller

Cassandra Jones and Paula Ruth Tisdale

The Natural Fibers Group "Weave-in By The Pool" is an annual event, held at Lynn Hoyt's home. This year, Judy Wobbleton taught her Cherokee Gathering Basket, a real experience for most of our members, who have not done much plaiting, and certainly not many twills. We had a wonderful time, weaving in and out of the pool!

Another annual event for the Natural Fibers Group is participation in Earth Day at Eastern Elementary School in Washington, NC. We train older students, 6th grade through high school, to assist with presentation to preschool / kindergarten/ first graders. Here are some of the kids and their finished products. This particular project was featured in a Reeder's Report several years ago. At right,
Pamela Zimmerman's son, Nathan, instructs a kindergartener.
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