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2011 Convention
Exhibit Room Winners

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Photos by Chris Bragman, Amy Britt, Lynn Hoyt and Pamela Zimmerman.

Sponsored by
P.L. Butte,
The Home of Blue Ribbon Reed
Coiling Professional

1st place Nancy Jones
2nd place Pam Talsky
3rd place Barbara McCormick
Coiling General

1st place Judy Rubelotto
2nd place Glenna Snyder
3rd place Glenna Synder
Flat Reed Professional

1st place Nancy Jones
2nd place Pattie Bagley
3rd place Cris Waugh
Flat Reed General

1st place Christina Bragman
Miniature Professional

1st place Peggie Wilcox
2nd place Pamela Zimmerman
3rd place Judith Saunders
Miniature General

1st place Brenda Craig
2nd place Christy Newman
3rd place Pat Moritz
Mixed Media Professional

1st place Judy Appleby
2nd place Judy Appleby
3rd place Barbara Weber
Mixed Media General

1st place Carol Van Derzee
2nd place Jan Dunn
3rd place Brenda Craig
Mold Woven Professional

1st place Maggie Silva
2nd place Trisha Brown
3rd place Joni Dee Ross
Mold Woven General

1st place Martha Cline
2nd place Carol Ann Blair
3rd place Jamie Vanoekel
Naturals Professional

1st place Peggie Wilcox
2nd place Karen Tembreull
3rd place Dona Nazarenko
Naturals General

1st place Pat Moritz
Wire and Textile Professional

1st place Judith Saunders
2nd place Barbara Weber
3rd place Pamela Zimmerman
Wire and Textile General

1st place Dave & Candy Barnes
2nd place Kim Voska
3rd place Mary Jo Baylor
Ribbed Professional

1st place Donna Rose
2nd place Pam Talsky
3rd place Jane Sloop
Ribbed General

1st place Camelia Elliott
Wicker Professional

1st place Gina Kieft
2nd place Pati English
3rd place Bonnie Gale
Wicker General

1st place Pat Moritz
2nd place Brenda Craig

1st place Genevieve Moeckel
2nd place Lesley Ann Craig
3rd place Camelia Elliott
Extraordinary Natural Basket Award
Given by Natural Fibers Group

Wild Turkey by Tika Tucker

Professional: Purses! Purses! Purses! by Maggie Silva
General Membership: Momís Ginger Jar Lamp by Martha Cline
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