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Photos 2006

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Nature behaved, for a change, for the Country Weavers' annual winter weave-in in Roxboro on January 28 and 29. No snow this year so participants were able to come for both days instead of just one. Judy Wobbleton kindly submitted photos from the weave-in, which is always a guaranteed weaver pleaser.

Helen Hatley, who, with her husband, has been a faithful NCBA Convention goer for years, (they even spent one of their anniversaries at Convention when he was still living!) shows her "little baskets" (not quite miniatures) to some workshop goers.

Charlie Coleman helps poor struggling beginner, Jimmie Kent, with her class basket, assuring her that she'll learn how to weave eventually if she sticks with it and practices a lot!

See the big folk art bunny? That can only mean that Susan Reed-Fanfoni (r.) is back with her unique creations. Here, she instructs Sarah Fulp while Madeline Boyd (in blue) catches a word or two of the discussion.
Just look at the finished baskets.

Liz Bunch, Katie Lake, Barbara McCormick, Pamela Zimmerman, and Sally Moler

Margaret Clements, Barbara McCormick, Lynne Baxter.

Judy Oster
The groups were small enough to allow Barbara (whose NCBA Convention classes are filled) to give individual attention to all of the workshop participants, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Barbara McCormick and Solly Moler

Katie Lake

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