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Coastal Weavers' Basketmakers Guild Weave-In
Beach n' Baskets
15 July 2017

Registration Information online!
or contact Cheri Parker by email
Weaving Opportunities
  1. Official NCBA events are listed first and given priority.
  2. Affiliate Guilds special events are listed on the website at the guild's request. NCBA will host registration information and put it on the website.
  3. NCBA individual members can have WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE information about events posted (this is the NCBA Bulletin Board that was previously announced and is also available for inclusion in the Reeder's Report.)
  4. Business events are not considered Individual Member events and thus are not eligible for posting.
  5. The Yahoo Email Group is open to posting by businesses and individuals for basketry related events.
Sorry, we cannot simply list the availability of a teacher; it must be a specific scheduled class. Remember to include date, times, venue and cost, if applicable. We reserve the right to make the final determination as to published content. While the website has no deadlines and you can submit information at any time, The Reeders' Report does. They are:
  • October 1 for November issue
  • January 1 for the February issue
  • April 1 for the May issue
  • July 1 for the August issue

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Having a basketry class?

News of weaving events of interest to NCBA members is always welcome.

Please email to Pamela Zimmerman, webmaster. Thanks!

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